What to expect

Executive Public Speaking with Authenticity

What to expect from a single session – 1 hour


  • An understanding of how to relax, prepare the body and voice for your speech / talk or presentation.  This is done by doing exercises such as:  Breathing, relaxation and learning techniques, as to how to handle and conquer nerves.


  • Practising in a safe environment using improvisation situations.  "We are all different and therefore I have no one single improvisation technique that I use for all the people I train.  The most important aspect of my training is that each session, apart from some of the basic techniques, is tailor made for the individual".


  • Working on the Speech or Presentation itself together.  This may include re-formulating the written content, to brain storming the desired message.


  • A summary of each session, which will include feedback, and some easy exercises to work on, until the next session.


The program specifically focuses on improving skills on the following areas:


  • Communicating your message with clarity, sincerity and authenticity.

  • Assertiveness, self-confidence and creating the desired effect, leaving your audience feeling inspired and enlightened.

  • Through personal reflection, discussions and improvisation situations, you will increase your self-awareness and communication skills and thus develop the ability to deliver more effectively and authentically.