About Claire

Background on Claire Ross-Brown.


Claire Ross-Brown stands out as a dynamic and "out of the box" professional, boasting an extensive 25-year journey weaving through the realms of Business/Corporate, Entertainment, blockchain, and sales training.

"In the corporate arena, I've had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and Credit Suisse in London, as well as Mærsk, Rockwool, McKinsey, Accenture, and Novo Nordisk in Denmark. As the founder of CJ London, I bring strategic leadership expertise to startups, corporate alliances, and deal-making. A seasoned speaker and moderator, my engagements are underscored by exceptional people skills that foster meaningful connections.

Recognizing the critical importance of effective communication in the business landscape, I've delved into the realm of public speaking. Leveraging my dual background as an actor and businesswoman, I assist companies and individuals in shaping and articulating their messages and visions.

My professional journey has seen me wear two hats with equal flair. In the executive search domain, my focus on the Banking and Finance sector has led to collaborations with renowned institutions, enhancing my understanding of talent and leadership dynamics. Beyond the boardroom, my pursuits as a professional actress have brought the enchantment of storytelling to both television and film, providing me with a unique vantage point for interpreting business and human dynamics.

Clients seek my expertise to facilitate deal closures, convey impactful messages, and serve as an ambassador for effective communication. I've delivered talks on diverse topics ranging from entrepreneurship to success strategies, sharing insights gained from my experiences. Notable speaking engagements include sessions at CBS, the Copenhagen Business School and organisations such as Rotary, where I've captivated audiences with inspirational perspectives on unconventional paths to success."