Over the past 25 years, Claire has collaborated with a distinguished clientele internationally. A highly regarded senior leader in the Scandinavian countries describes Claire as their "number one sparring partner." Her clients encompass a diverse spectrum, ranging from public speakers and C-Level executives to board members, sales professionals, and authors.

Confidentiality Commitment

At the heart of Claire's practice is an unwavering commitment to confidentiality. Discretion and trust are held in the highest regard, ensuring that client information is treated with the utmost sensitivity. While maintaining the privacy of her clients, Claire acknowledges the importance of trust in fostering meaningful collaborations.


While discretion is paramount, references are available upon request. Claire values the relationships she has built over the years and is open to providing references to potential clients seeking insights into her professional approach and the impact of her services.

Should you wish to discuss further or inquire about references, please feel free to reach out.